Unwrapping the Manger

As Christmas draws near, I can’t help but reflect on the sight of the manger. I look upon the humble birthplace of my Savior and I am filled with so many emotions…but mostly I am overcome.

It is hard to put into words what I am feeling.

Why is this scene so beautiful? Why is the nativity set on the mantle of so many homes across the country? Why is it so attractive to people? Do they even know? They are captivated, yet, have no idea why.

Suddenly the song Silent Night drifts through my mind…and the beauty of the mystery unfolds.

I put myself in the shoes of the Shepherds who have just recently been told that their Savior has been born.

Silent Night

What could the shepherds have said when they approached Mary, Joseph, and their new arrival? What praise could they have uttered? How do you address the Prince of Peace? What do you say when you realize that this baby…has come to save the world? To save you? How can you speak when you are overcome by His humility?

Holy Night

Entranced by a vision of the Most High…who chose to be born in a manger. Overcome by the realization that this innocent baby will bare the sins of the world. The birth of our sanctification. This is the night when our God…sends a ransom for sins. The night when the God of Heaven takes action to reconcile us unto Himself. So that we might be called Holy, as He is Holy. Not Holy for the sake of being purified, but that He might dwell with us.

All is Calm

All the world is at peace at the knowledge of this grace, this Savior’s presence. The struggle is over. We have a new understanding that God intensely cares about us, the sinners of the world.

All is Bright

God’s handiwork shines brightly over the Prince of Peace, invading the darkness and washing away the dismal resolve of hopelessness forevermore.

Round Yon Virgin, Mother and Child

Peace is found here at the sight of Mary and her Boy Child.

Holy Infant so Tender and Mild

The Holy Infant that lays before us so vulnerably…

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleeps in Heavenly peace as God’s will begins to unfold on the earth as in Heaven.

And we will forever be awed by the manger scene, captivated by our Savior, as we think of that silent, holy night.

Let the beauty of this picture be ever present in your mind this Christmas season. He came to be nearer to us. Oh, Emmanuel…Come, let us adore You!


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