Christmas in Perspective

So a few weeks ago, my P63640_781332037728_6930090_nastor warned that this Christmas our agendas would be disturbed…and boy was he right.

Almost every single task I planned hasn’t been accomplished. And you will not understand the depth of my Christmas planning, until you have seen my planner which includes three Christmas-related activities listed for each day of December leading up to Christmas. That’s 12 days behind schedule. We might as well add today too, 13!

I have so much that needs to be done. I still have to buy presents…I have to decorate…I haven’t baked a single Christmas cookie! When I think about the mounting pile of things that needs to get done I start becoming so overwhelmed. An anger starts to spark in my heart…

And then I’m reminded of that warning given in church weeks ago.

How true it is that Satan is looking to steal our joy around the holidays. Christmas is the season of Peace! Not stress! I have to keep staring into the manger to remember that.

There is one thing that I have been accomplishing these past few weeks and that is time spent with Jesus. What better task could I have accomplished this December? What better way would there be to spend my time than spending it with the birthday Boy Himself?

So why am I still getting stressed out?

We give our time to the stores, to our kitchens baking up delicious cookies, to our friends at Christmas parties, to our family gathered around the table…but we dont take time to sit with the very reason we are celebrating.

My perspective is changing this year. If all I have accomplished this year is sitting with Emmanuel…whose greatest desire is to be NEAR TO US…than I would have to say that I have celebrated Christmas to its fullest extent.


One thought on “Christmas in Perspective

  1. Tawny says:

    Your pastor is so right! The first week of Christmas my tree broke, my favorite ornament broke — it was a horrible first week of Christmas, but I too was reminded of why we celebrate Christmas and I had/have to actively choose joy. Thanks for your post! I will definitely be more on the look out now of Satan’s schemes.

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