Unscripted Selfies

orig-131102711.  If my heart was a music box, it would play Clair de Lune. I’m pretty sure when God was fashioning me, He wove me together with the thread of this song and its rhythm is connected to the beating of my heart.

2. I am a pushover.  There is nothing that wounds me more than knowing I have deprived someone of happiness, no matter how momentary it is.

3. I think Ireland is the most beautiful place that exists on this earth and someday…I will visit. I am determined.

4. I think I am possibly the only person in the world who would not count long walks on the beach among their favorite things. It is either too hot or too windy. I never seem to be dressed appropriately for the elements and it has made me bitter towards beaches everywhere. I suppose if I fell in love and he asked me to go, I would, but it would only be out of a desire to be with him, there would only be displeasure in it for me otherwise.


Selfie moment: Honesty at its best


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