What to do on a Snow Day.

tumblr_max309DvYI1r2qs2ho1_500_largeShe awoke and nestled herself further into the mound of blankets that shielded her from the frigid air that lingered around her windows.  A blizzard had been stirring fiercely through the night and she was curious just how much snow it had left upon her doorstep. Moments passed as she lay, torn between a desire to stay wrapped in her cocoon of warmth or follow her curiosity to the window.

She checked her phone and found her inbox full of photos from friends enjoying the marshmallow world that lay just beyond her window pane.  She betrayed her warmth and a few moments later she was at the window like a giddy school girl or a child waking up on Christmas morning. She pushed down the blind slats for a peeking hole and pressed her nose to the freezing glass to view the scenery of her front yard. A winter wonderland lay outside of her home.  She hoisted the blinds up and let the sunshine stream through the bedroom window.

And so it began, the day was up and running.

She headed for the back door with a mischievous plan in her pocket.  She beckoned to her dog, who was completely unaware of what stood behind the other side of the door. The dog walked groggily to the door and became ready to venture out; she began with her daily stretches. She opened the door and looked down at her darling pet. She knew exactly what would happen next, but loved to watch it unfold. It was like watching a baby try peas for the first time. You know a face of disapproval followed by the reemergence of a regurgitated pile of peas will be coming, but the loving parent presents the spoonful of peas to their unknowing child in a simply evil action made for their own pleasure. This dog was so predictable. The dog headed forward as she did every day around the door and found herself staring into a snowbank almost as tall as her. She stood for a moment in a staring contest with the snowbank which stopped the door from opening all the way. She shrunk back from the door and took her place hiding behind a kitchen chair under the table.  She laughed as she beckoned the dog back to the door, but the dog refused to move.  She hated the snow.

She grabbed something small for breakfast, made sure her cowardly compatriot had her chow,  and headed back up the hall to greet her parents. It was a rare occurrence to find them both still lounging in bed. She climbed in alongside them and wormed herself into the small corner of extra blankets. As this action was not met with disapproval she went even further, relying on their love for her to afford an additional tug to cover her cold toes. They watched the weather for a while, and from time to time made chiding remarks about the weather people who seemed to be a little too unrealistically happy.

She  made herself a cup of hot cocoa and returned to her room for devotions. One can never go wrong when making time to spend with the King. He spoke words of love and comfort over her and she wondered if that warmth in her heart was from Him…or the Hot Chocolate.

When she heard the voices outside she sprung up quickly. The shoveling had begun!  She didn’t want to miss any of it. She pulled a second pair of pants over her black leggings, a few shirts finally covered by a black sweatshirt and a vest, pulled on a pair of boots, threw her hair into an untidy bun and crowned it with a knitted headband to cover her ears, twisted a scarf around her neck in a motion that would appear even to an outside observer to be extremely familiar, and shoved her hands into a pair of warm mittens she had received for Christmas.  She swung open the door and announced her arrival to her father, who was the first one out and about. She new that he would rather be seeing one of the faces of his two  youthful and strapping sons when he turned around…because a daughter’s only job on a snow day was to prepare some delicious hot cocoa. Just a little dainty china plate. However, her father had come to know his youngest daughter too well to refuse her help. So she picked up a shovel and got to work beside him. She knew right away that he was partially right about girls not being suited for snow shoveling…she laughed at herself as she tried to make the pathway straight and pretty with all the snow being level and smooth, no dirty snow on top, push in the edges to make them firm, straight, perfectshe was treating this as if it were something she was baking up or a shelf she was decorating; Everything placed just so. It would take women forever if they were in charge of shoveling snow, she laughed inwardly, but kept on with her duties.

When the shoveling was over, the little family returned to the homestead. They spent the afternoon playing games and wasting the day away like any happy family would. They feasted on munchies and had plenty of hot cocoa, but as the sun sunk low behind the trees they were mostly filled to abundance with happiness and love.

She laid down that night with a happy heart and drifted off to sleep in peaceful slumber.


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