Unscripted Selfies

tumblr_mvbiqa5isc1rfo9z9o1_5001. Trains are my favorite form of travel. It’s like watching a film strip of a silent movie pass you by…The storyline is yours to tell…perhaps it is my writer’s mind that enjoys it most.

2. I love dark chocolate. Once you have tasted it, one can never go back to milk chocolate. It would be like choosing vanilla ice cream over chocolate…and everyone knows chocolate ice cream is clearly superior.

3. I sing like a Canary when I am home by myself. Whether it be a rendition, original, or blend of the two, it is never ending until someone opens the door.

4. I love games. I have not been able to outgrow my childhood whimsy. However, behind my dimpled smile there is also a competitive spirit…don’t let the playful attitude fool you into thinking the outcome is of no matter to me. I play to have fun, first and foremost, but every time I play, I plan to win.

Selfie Moment: Honesty at its best

Selfie Moment: Honesty at its best


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