I’m Gonna Be an Aunt!!!!


Yeah, she is!

We found out two days ago that my older sister is having a little girl! We are so excited to welcome little Kara Jayde to the world! I can hardly wait for her arrival!

This little girl’s birth brings such joy to my heart. I have to agree with God when He says that children are a gift from the Lord!

Little Kara will be stealing a little bit of my spotlight as the last born girl in our family, but I am happy to move over and share the spotlight with her, in fact, she cant take all the spotlight!

This marks the beginning of a new era in our family’s life, as she breaks my parents in to grandparenthood! Hopefully they will be well underway and have plenty of baby-safe rooms and toys by the time my children come along! All thanks to Kara! But most importantly, I am finally becoming an AUNT!

But seriously now…its funny how much you can love someone that you have never even met!

Hi Kara,

We are so thrilled about your arrival! If you ever doubt that you are loved, know that before you were born, your whole family was already in-love with you, and before we even heard about your arrival, God was already in-love with you. Image

I know that we might be a little crazy, okay I can’t hide the truth…we’re a whole lot of crazy…and we’re loud, and we eat too much, but we also know how to laugh, have a whole lot of fun, and most of all we know how to love each other and be there for each other. I might be biased when I say that God picked the best family on earth to bring you into, but I mean it with all my heart. 


With the amount of prayer I cover this baby in, she better move mountains! haha.

I can’t wait to have someone who will share my childhood whimsy and love for A.A. Milne and H.A. Rey. How lucky are you that you have the BEST bedtime storyteller in the world for an Aunt?! You are so blessed! I can’t wait to watch you learning to walk, even if it is over facetime sessions. I can’t wait to hold your tiny squishy little self all adorned in soft pink fabrics (as much as your non-girly-girl mother will allow, at least!).

And you are truly blessed to have a set of pretty awesome parents too. Let’s not forget to give credit where credit is due! They will always be there for you, no matter what. They will never stop trying to be the best parents they can be. Yeah, they’re gonna make a mistake once or twice (okay, maybe three times) but Kara, all parents do. Believe me when I tell you, that they will never stop loving you and looking out for your best interest.


You can bet I won’t let you walk this earth without a scarf to spruce you up!

Enough with the serious though. When you are 13 years old and you are sitting there wondering why you are obsessed with scarves and need to wear one even when its summertime, or root for the Yankess when your dad is a devout Red Sox fan, or why you know every song that Raffi ever wrote even though you were born 20 years after the height of his singing career, you can blame it all on your Aunt. I apologize ahead of time for brainwashing you. I love you too much not to. 

I’m gonna brainwash you, I’m gonna hug you too much, I’m gonna buy you too many things, I’m gonna brag about you until you’re bright red in the face, but I whole-heartily promise to be the best Aunt I can be. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly I will never stop loving you. And I promise to refrain from fashioning you into the image of Kaitlyn, but to always let you be Kara Jayde. I can’t wait to see who you turn out to be. I can’t wait to watch your personality grow. I can’t wait to watch you become a beautiful, strong woman of God

I love you Kara Jayde and you can bet I always will.


Your Aunt Kaitlyn


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