Happy Birthday Nina!

Hi Nina!!!

Because I am going to be in Belize for the next few days I don’t know if I will be able to contact you on your birthday! And a sister never misses a birthday no matter what country she is in! So I am writing this and hoping the scheduling works that it pops up on facebook on your birthday!!!

So here goes!

photoWatching you become a mother this year was the most surreal experience I have ever had in my life! You are such a great mommy! Kara is so blessed to have you. I know she is going to grow up to be a beautiful woman of God because of the role model she has for a mother! You are one of the most dedicated people I know and I know this is going to be a challenging year, especially with the added fact that you are a working mom! But if there is one person I know that can persevere through it, its you! And I have come to learn that the years that are the most challenging have brought the most growth in my life!

So be encouraged!!!

Thank you for giving me something so precious to love! IMG_1637Kara Jayde McMahon is possibly the most beautiful child on the face of the earth and she brings so much joy to our family. I cannot think of anyone who has stolen my heart in the way she has. I know you will raise her well. She is in great hands.

I hope you enjoy your day and feel like the strong woman of God that has created you to be – the woman I know you to be.

I love you dearly and cannot wait to see you in September!!!!!!



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